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The Falling Raindrop - By Neil Johnson and Joel Chin, Hardcover

The Falling Raindrop - By Neil Johnson and Joel Chin, Hardcover

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At the center of the story is a pale blue cartoon raindrop. It spends most of the story plummeting toward Earth, as streaks and droplets peel off him, demonstrating its speed. 

But when flying begins to feel like falling, it can’t enjoy himself for fear that a big change is coming.

Readers will cheer for the little raindrop, experiencing his joys as well as its worries. This simple story uses spare text and art to explain the science of the water cycle, while happily showing that good things can result from change. 🌧️💧🌈


The debut of the Neil Johnson 🖊️ and Joel Chin 🎨, this book has a crisp, carefully produced feel, and it delivers its message with razor-sharp effectiveness. 

The illustrations are small vignettes that appear in the center of cream-colored pages, forcing readers to pay attention. 

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  • Must-Read for Ages 3-8

    Grade level: Preschool - Grade 2.

    Accessible way to start convos about nature and courage.

  • Perfect for Fast Readers and Deep Thinkers

    Print length: 48 pages

    Language: English

  • Slim, Portable and Hardy

    Format: Hardcover

    Dimensions: 9.75 x 0.25 x 9.5 inches

"Small children will easily warm to the expressive little raindrop.”

"The charm of this picture book for children ages 4 to 8 lies in the arresting simplicity of its design."

- Reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

"Great educational component about cloud formation and rain drops."

"Must read!"

- Reviewed by School Library Journal.

“Crisp, carefully produced."

"It’s a metaphor for the way so many adults live: fearful and worried about death. Do children worry this way, too? Some do, and they’ll take comfort in the unexpected fate of the raindrop."

- Reviewed by Publishers Weekly.

Featured in Asian Festival of Children’s Content 2013's Project Splash! Asia.

Proud contributor to a celebration of water-themed
stories from Asia paying homage our Asian heritage,
as well as celebrating United Nations International Year of
Water Cooperation around the world.